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Junior Golf Program 2016

junior programsJunior Rec District Certification

Juniors - Become Rec District Certified to become eligible for District Golf Benefits.

We want you to have fun enjoying the game of golf at the National. Getting started with other golfers at the same level is a big part of enjoying the game All district Juniors (high school age and younger) need to do to begin enjoying the benefits of Rec District Golf is to enroll in the Rec District Program and then be certified by one of our instructors during a short class. The purpose of this short program is to get Juniors assigned to the right skill level to begin enjoying park district benefits. The initial certification will evaluate skill levels, knowledge of the game, and understanding of the rules of golf and golf etiquette. Golfing privileges will be based on playing ability and understanding of the rules of golf and golf etiquette. Students can increase their golf skill levels as they grow in the game throughout the season. Each Junior will receive a basic starting evaluation and be placed in 3 basic categories depending on skill level and golf rules knowledge. (Red Category – Beginners; Yellow – Intermediate: Advanced: Green). Times and golf privileges will vary based on category. Certification classes are scheduled on Saturdays at 4 PM and on Mondays at 4 pm beginning the week of March 21st. Individuals having schedule conflicts can call the golf shop at 433-2255 for an alternate class time. There is no charge for this Certification class. Once completed, Rec District junior residents will automatically begin enjoying district Golf benefits.

Spring Junior Clinics

Learn golf from one of the local legends. Bear Suarez will be offering a weekly Junior clinic beginning on Monday, March 21st. Clinics will run from 4 to 5 pm. Juniors ages 8 to 18 can sign up at the National Golf Club of Louisiana. Bear will be offering individual tips to juniors of all skills level. Students will be able to practice and receive individual coaching on improving their playing skills. There is no charge for district residents for the clinic series. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on an active and busy Summer Junior Golf Program at NGCLA.

Free Unlimited Range Use For District Juniors

Come out often and hone your skills at the NGCLA Range. For the months of March through May all Park District Residents enrolled in the program will receive complementary range balls. Come out often. Practice often. No clubs – No Problem. Clubs are available for use at no charge to District residents.

Free Spring Golf For Juniors Through May

Through May, golf is free to Rec District Juniors at NGCLA during approved Junior times. Spring golf offers complementary play during specific times allotted to park district residents. Call the golf shop at 433-2255 to reserve your tee time. Tee times should be made for 2 to 4 golfers.

The following are times available during the spring for complementary golf for each group of players:

Red Players
Free golf after 3 PM weekdays and weekends when accompanied with an adult. Adults will be asked to monitor speed of play. The goal with red Group payers is to have fun and learn the game. Green disc markers are the recommended tee areas. And if anyone gets behind, feel free to pick up your ball and drive to the next tee to keep pace with the other gofers.

Yellow Players
Free golf after school on weekdays and after 2 pm on weekends. Players must be

accompanied by an Adult. Yellow group golfers again may play from whatever tees are the most enjoyable for them. Our Yellow players are Juniors who have demonstrated the ability to play nine holes of golf and have a basic knowledge of the rules of golf. Adults are asked to ensure course rules are maintained and pace of play is within course required time allotments.

Green Players
Free golf after school and weekends after 12 noon. Green Players have demonstrated golf knowledge and skill levels, pace of play is in allotted times, and have demonstrated good judgement and require minimum supervision while playing. These players may play with other Juniors in the same play ranking or with an adult.

Coming attractions for Juniors This Summer:

  • Weekly summer junior play day on Mondays.
  • Junior clinics and skill competitions.
  • Free Range Use throughout the summer.
  • Monthly Junior Events
  • Junior Golf Camps.
  • Junior Championship